About us

Establishment of the factory
DH Geda Flour Factory, established in 1996, is engaged in the production and supply of high quality wheat flour.  DH Geda Flour Factory aims to satisfy its customers as well as the country’s overall demand.  The factory is located in the sub-city of Bole and produces 375,000 quintals annually with different types of flours used for breads, biscuits, macaroni, and pasta.
Brief highlight of the factory
DH Geda Flour factory sources wheat from the finest farms in the nation to be able to maintain its reputation in the local market. It is back with state of the art laboratory fully equipped with all the necessary machineries and man power in selecting the right 'wheat' before proceeding with flour production. DH Geda Flour Factory produces 900 quintals of wheat flour a day at full capacity. It always strives to deliver products which meet the requirements of its customers and therefore closely follows the desires of its clients as needs and wants are dynamic. The factory is capable of producing various types of flour for bread, biscuits, macaroni and pasta packaged in different sizes starting from 1 up to 50 kilograms.

DH GEDA Whear Flour Factory
Above: DH Geda Wheat Flour Factory
Vision statement
DH Geda Flour Factory desires to be one of the top wheat flour producers in the country by expanding its capacity. It also aims to work on vertical integration to set up a factory that enables it to produce biscuits, macaroni, and pasta.
Mission Statement

  • Establishing the right working environment to enhance quality of work and team spirit amongst all ranks within the organization;
  • Maximizing profitability in the course of producing quality products at a reasonable price;
  • Devising a productive, self-initiated and loyal work force to fully meet customers' needs and wants;
  • Constructing a transparent and accountable institution free from corruption theft

Factory Values

Technology used in the factory
DH Geda Flour Factory is backed by state of the art German engineered machineries capable of producing a variety of wheat flour required for bread, biscuits and pasta production.


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